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A Solution to Your Need for Competitive Pricing

Everyone in our promotional products industry faces increasing cost pressures—suppliers, distributors, and end-users. To cope with this, distributors and end-users have already, or are considering, sourcing product outside the USA. International Advantage, established in 2000, is a viable solution for many distributors that are looking to lower costs, win more orders, and improve margins while minimizing risks and time spent and ultimately meeting their clients’ needs in a safe and prudent manner. International Advantage takes advantage of the experience and vertical integration of industry supplier BizPins Inc. to seamlessly offer the services distributors need to have products manufactured in Asia with the ease and convenience of purchasing in the USA.

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Beyond Sourcing

Anyone with the internet and a bit of initiative can order products from Asia... including end-users. While at first this may seem easy and similar to the experience of purchasing in the USA, the reality is that risk factors increase exponentially—risks involving payment, product quality and safety, shipping, and on time delivery. Clients and money can be lost. With offices in greater Chicago, China, and Taiwan, International Advantage takes the risks out. Projects are developed with and orders placed through BizPins’ International Advantage team in Elgin, IL in the same way distributors place domestic orders. Payments are made to BizPins in Elgin. International Advantage's offices in China and Taiwan work with the upper tier factories in producing quality and safe products correctly and on time. Our team is in the factories daily making sure your client will receive products that exceed expectations. And importantly BizPins, an industry supplier with an 19 year reputation of high integrity and performance, stands behind every International Advantage order with a satisfaction guarantee.


In 1982, Dan McCarty, owner of International Advantage and BizPins, began doing business with James Chan in Taipei, Taiwan. In 1984, Dan moved to Taiwan and spent the next 12 years in Asia, learning Chinese and involved in the challenges and opportunities of manufacturing in Asia. 37 years later, James and Dan are still working together, and James’ son Christopher, with a BA & MBA from the University of Southern California, manages International Advantage’s operations in Asia.


Your Move

Regardless of your current situation, your business may very well gain the competitive advantage you need in partnering with International Advantage. Email Gail Walker at
to discuss your next project and experience what having a trustworthy partner working for you in Asia can do to move your business forward.

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